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Welcome to Samurai-Ninja  An unofficial site for introducing Japan

What Samurai-Ninja Wants To Do ......

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This site aims to offer a compact guide to the Japanese culture, arts, crafts, foods, everyday commodities, and world-class technologies that we think are worth introducing to the world, chiefly featuring the samurai and ninja tradition.

Samurai-Ninja is ;
Interactive, featuring Q & A section which welcomes varied, simple questions about samurai, ninja, and Japanese things from around the world.
Experiential, valuing opportunities to learn and enjoy Japanese things by actually touching, smelling, hearing, tasting, using, and putting in practice.
Open and self-duplicating, taking in everything you want to know and do.
♣ Hopefully an oline trading firm providing Japanese culture, goods & services to the people with an interest in old and modern Japan.

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Manners of Bushi in Edo Period

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No one should cut across in front of a feudal lord's procession. One who dared to do was cut down ruthlessly, but there was an exception. It was a birth attendant.

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