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Original short stories featuring samurai, ninja, and others

Short Stories ... Part 1 Under Construction

During the turbulent times of Sengoku, what kind of decision did the warlords make? Did they accept their fate or die for honor?. What happed to the wives of defeated warlords?
How did swordsmen fight each other? Did the ninja who stole into the samurai compound find the secret letter, a strong evidence of betrayal ? What kind of life did Sengoku women live ?

Sengoku is a mine of dramatic events. Here are independent short stories that will surely make you feel that you're actually living in Sengoku.

Samurai's Sengoku

samurai's wife

• Background

If for instance, there are one-hundred troops, the number of samurai on horseback would be ten, and the rest would be the following:

1. Samurai on foot called kasemono, wakato, or ashigaru. They fought with their masters on horseback. There were in the samurai rank having family and personal names.

2. Genin (low rank soldier) called cyugen, komono, or arashiko. They led

• Story begins like this ...

Although sonae in Sengoku varied according to times and warlords' personality, it began to converge into a standard type in the late Sengoku and early Edo periods. which is the webmaster's English translation of the Wikipedia article written only in Japanese.