How the program works presents the website visitors with unique Japanese goods monthy.

• With this program, you have the chance to get samurai and ninja goods or cool Japanese products of choice that are usually not available in the countries outside of Japan.

• To get the present, you need to tell us the closest number to the samurai monthly number (SMN) generated based on Dow Jones Industira Average (DJIA) of USA. The SMN uses the DJIA's closing price of the last working day of each month, and thus it changes every month.
You can apply any time for any monthly present, but you need to submit both the five-digit number and applicable month at the same time.

For the computing method of SMN, see the last part of this page.
If by any chance there exists more than one closest number, the winner is determined by the criteria also shown in the last part of this page.

• Just let us know your favorite, five-digit number. We compare it with SMN, and pick out the closest number from among the eligible applications. You do not need to do the math yourself at all.

How to apply and get the present

STEP1. Pick up the present you apply for. Only one application for one e-mail address.

STEP2. Let us know your favorite, five-digit number and your monthly pick using our contact form.
In the column named Subject, first type in the number and then your pick, following the example shown below.
Your application needs to be made 24 hours before the DJIA's closing price above mentioned is fixed.

* Applications not meeting the instructions given above will not be accepted as eligible applications.

STEP3. Around the middle of next month, check this page to see the result of your application. If you are lucky enough, the present will fly to your house in about twenty days wherever you live on the globe, except in the cases where your living place is not covered by EMS*.

* EMS stands for Express Mail Service provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Now, you can try your luck !

2014 August Present


One set of Uchiwa (Japanese fan) and flyer featuring NARUTO -New

People who went to see the 9th Naruto movie in 2012 got this free gift.
This theatrical anime "Road to Ninja" is said be the best of the series, setting box-office records in Japan.

Uchiwa is indispensable in the humid summer in Japan, and it goes well with yukata (Japanese summer kimono).

The flyer reads "The best theatrical anime drawn by Kishimoto Masashi himself".

Reference... (DVD is not the present)

DVD : Naruto Movie 9: Road to Ninja

Wikipedia : Road to Ninja

2014 September Present


One 2008 publicity poster : Ninja Gaiden II video game

Poster not for sale, usually tough to get.

Size: 52cm x 73cm

Condition: No scars due to thumbtacks or adhesive tape.

Ninja Gaiden was first developed for Xbox, and sold well. Then its sequel, Ninja Gaiden Black, and PS3 version, NInja Gaiden sigma, were put on the market. From this poster, we know the 3rd edition, Ninja Gaiden II, was first offered at 8,190 yen (tax included).
The vertical caption beside the ninja reads "The fiercest ninja descends to this world again".

Reference... (The software is not the present)

Game Software : Ninja Gaiden II

2014 October Present


One 1954 movie poster : SEVEN SAMURAI - New

Big size and new : 68cm x 93cm.

Webmaster's big treat.
How could you pass it up ?

Reference... (DVD is not the present)

DVD : Seven Samurai

2014 November Present


One 1964 movie poster : THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI

Poster of the masterful period movie, not for sale, usually tough to get.

Size: 52cm x 73cm

Condition: Being a vintage poster, it has rucks, wear and tear, stains, etc.

Story: Three ronin (masterless samurai) having remarkable personality clean up the cruel local governer (daikan) who tormented farmers.
Highly-conscientious Shiba, ex-farmer and skilled spear player Sakura, and nihilistic lady-killer Kikyo cut away numerous officers under the daikan.

The briskly proceeding story, truthful performances of the cast, and realistic fighting scenes make this one still no less spectacular.

Reference... (DVD is not the present)

DVD : Three Outlaw Samurai

2014 December Present


One publicity poster : Naruto Online Game

Poster for the year 2010, not for sale, usually tough to get.

Size: 52cm x 73cm

Condition: No scars due to thumbtacks or adhesive tape.

Reference... (The software is not the present)

Game Software : Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special [Japan Import]


Computing method for generating Samurai Monthly Number

1. Assume that the DJIA's closing price of the last working day of a certain month was US$ 16,633.18.

2. Round off the number after the decimal point, and get 16633.

3. Reverse the order of the sequence of numbers, and get 33661.
*If the lowest DJIA digit number is zero, replace it with one (1).

4. Mutiply the resulting number by the number of the highest-oreder digit, and get 100983.

5. Remove the the number of the sixth digit if any, and get five-digit number, 00983.

00983 is the SMN of that month, and this number is linked to each monthly present.

Criteria for determining the winner when the same closest numbers exist.

1. Add each number of SMN. For example, 00983 generates 20.

2. If the resulting number is even, the ealiest application gets the present.
If the number is odd, the last application does.